What you will need:

1. A PC (to monitor the delivery management solution).

2. Drivers.

3. Delivery Vehicles (motorbikes/scooters/cars).

4. Android phones (one per driver).

5. Speed points/ Payment Pebble/ PocketPos. (Deliveree is NOT a payment App. You will still need to swipe the customer's card).

6. A stable internet connection.

Initial Set-Up:

1. Sign up for online ordering with Yumbi  sales@yumbi.com  

2. Phones to manage the phone in orders. Euphoria tel:010 593 4500.

3. Sign up for Deliveree.. 

4. Purchase your smartphones and payment devices (one per driver- see the below minimum specs for the phones).

Deliveree runs on Android Smartphones with the following minimum specs:

  • Android 7.1.1 or Higher
  • GPS
  • Battery Above 3000mAh
  • Play Store (To download our Driver Deliveree App Diagnostics App and TeamViewer)

For any queries, email signups@deliverytribe.co.za.