Billing Queries

We've made some changes to allow clients to see billing information. There is now a Billing menu item that can be found when you log in on the home page of

You can see which devices are going to be billed and how many SIMs are assigned to your account.  

On the right-hand side at the top of the page, select "Billing" and you will be taken to a detailed page of your month's bill. 


Installation and Initial Training fee:

All clients are charged a once-off fee for the Setup of their hardware as well as the initial training done on-site with the relevant stakeholders.

It is important that the franchisee, all managers and all drivers are on-site on the day of training.

Support documentation will also be available on

APN SIM Data, SMS Costs, and Deliveree System Cost

  • APN SIM Data: Cosoft uses its own APN (Access Point Name), this APN prevents drivers from accessing anything else on the device other than the Deliveree Driver App and the Mapping services. APN SIM data is charged per sim card on a monthly basis.
  • SMS Costs: Charged per SMS. The store is billed every time the driver sends an SMS using their device i.e “Tell customer I’m here”.
  • Deliveree System Cost: When a Blade/ smartphone logs in to the system, and R5 per day charge is billed. This is capped at R100 a month.

Deliveree Platform Fee

This cost is determined by the number of UUID Logins (Universal Unique Identifier) from a Blade or a Smartphone, that uses Deliveree during the month.

*Costs are subject to revision.