With decades of experience in the hospitality and QSR space, Delivery Tribe was started to solve problems that many businesses were already facing in the delivery space. We are a small, dedicated team serving many customers in South Africa and AME. 


Deliveree is our delivery and driver management platform. Drivers use a mobile app to manage their deliveries and help them navigate. Our web interface allows you to keep track of your deliveries and drivers no matter where you are. 

The Deliveree Platform offers the following key features:

  • Driver Positions on a Map- Managers can see where the driver is on the map and review their trips.
  • Drivers have access to G.P.S information and can navigate from the store to the customer with directions.
  • Orders can be grouped for one driver to take.
  • Allocation of orders can be done by the manager or driver. 
  • Reports are accessed at any time, from anywhere. 
  • Stores have access to all customer details.
  • Combo stores can be added to one interface for viewing/assigning orders and managing drivers.

What you will need to get started:

1. A PC (to monitor the delivery management solution).

2. Drivers.

3. Delivery Vehicles (motorbikes/scooters/cars).

4. Android phones (one per driver).

5. Speed points/ Payment Pebble/ PocketPos. (Deliveree is NOT a payment App. You will still need to swipe the customer's card).

6. A stable internet connection.