Delivery Tribe is a sister company of Cosoft (Coherent Software Solutions) who is famous for the AURA POS.

Delivery Tribe is a Software development company that owns the Deliveree software solution.


The company focuses on enhancing the delivery services of restaurants that offer home delivery to its customers. 

We currently have international customers in Botswana, Namibia, and Dubai.

The Deliveree platform is made up of two parts:

1.            The Deliveree Web interface. 

2.            The Driver Application. (Available on the Play Store).

The Deliveree Platform offers the following key features:

  • Integration with the Yumbi call center for online ordering. For both non-AURA and AURA stores.
  • Driver Tracking- Managers can see where the driver is on the map and review their trips.
  • Managers can monitor the delivery time and work out how long an order takes to get to the customer.
  • Averages are calculated by the system to assist managers in seeing where operational gaps may lie.
  • Drivers have access to G.P.S information and can navigate from the store to the customer with Google directions.
  • Managers can review Cash up, Driver daily trips and any exceptions in the reports.
  • Orders can be grouped for one driver to take.
  • Allocation of orders can be done by the manager or driver. 
  • Stores have access to all customer details as opposed to this information being stored by a 3rd party.