All online Training is hosted via Zoom. 

*All training is offered online only.

Open Training:

These sessions are set up at the beginning of the month and there are generally 2 days set aside for this in a month.

Sessions are free bearing in mind that anyone can join and the recordings are NOT sent to delegates after the session.

Training is between 4 and 5 hours long with 30-minute breaks in between as well as a break for lunch.

Drivers will only need to attend the first hour. 

Any store from your Franchising Brand can log in and this may include international stores of the same brand. 

A maximum of 20 stores can log in. (There is no limit on the number of delegates in each store).

Kindly mail to book.

When booking, you will need to mention:

1. Which of the dates you are booking 

2. Are you booking  training for only Drivers and only Managers or both

3. Restaurant name and Brand and country

4. Email addresses to send Zoom links to

Below are the T's and C's for joining the training conducted via Zoom. (NOT negotiable).

  • Delegates will need a stable internet connection.
  • The Delegates will need to sign in on a PC or Tablet with a camera and sound- logging in with a phone is not recommended. 
  • A minimum of 3 stores is required for the session to go ahead. If less than 3 stores RSVP, the session will be canceled. 
  • Training will not be held on Public holidays, Fridays, or weekends.
  • Cameras need to be on for the entire session: All Training offered by Delivery Tribe is intended to be a conversation and therefore it is vital that we can SEE and HEAR each other. 

All sessions are recorded for QA purposes.


Registrations for any session close the day before.

The session will start promptly at the scheduled time.

If delegates are late, we will not extend the length of the session to accommodate this. 

If no attendees sign in after 10 minutes the session will be closed.

Delegates who sign in later than 10 minutes after the session starts will NOT be let in.


Stores will need to provide 48 hours' notice for any training cancellations. (Excluding weekends).You will then be given an alternative date you can join the open sessions.

PLEASE test your Zoom set up and Sound as well as Internet connection at least a day BEFORE the session to make sure all works.  

You can use the free version of Zoom and log on to the session with the Link sent to you by the trainer.

If you have any additional questions, you can call 031 880 1602 (Select option THREE for training).