Training in 2020 will be offered in the following ways:

Dial-in online sessions: Every second Tuesday (Starting in February). Delegates from multiple stores can log in to the training session.  (suitable for stores outside of Gauteng)

Zoom login will be provided on Mondays to stores who wish to dial in the next day. email the day before the session to get the login info.

Weekly Classroom sessions on Wednesday. Held at the Cosoft Head office in Midrand. , the room accommodates 10 delegates only.

*Tea, coffee, and water will be provided, however, delegates will need to bring their own lunch. Cancellations need to be made 48hours in advance so that other delegates may fill your spot.

Bookings need to be made 2 weeks prior to the desired date and all requests for training need to be emailed to

 Every Second Friday, the Trainer will be on-site at the client's office to office support to FM'S and OM's with upskilling on product functions on a higher level. 

January 2020

February 2020 

March 2020