Update the App- Android phones.


Please follow the steps below to Update the Deliveree App. 

Make sure the phone is connected to WIFI*


  • Install/update a new version of the driver app whilst connected to Wifi.
  • Check all settings under “support”.
  • Switch off Wifi and test using the diagnose option on the login page.

Please ensure that you search for the application by the name Deliveree Driver App. 


  1. Locate and open the Google Play Store on your Smartphone. 
  2. Use the Search box to search for the Deliveree app. 
  3. Select the Deliveree App.




  1. Select UPDATE in Google Play and the new version will install.



  1. Wait for the installation to complete, once complete close the Google Play Store and locate the Deliveree app on your Smartphone. 
  2. Open the Deliveree app. 



*Make sure the phone is disconnected from the WIFI after the update and that you "forget" the WIFI password*

For any further assistance, contact Software Support:


Support@deliverytribe.co.za or call 031 880 1602