There are 6 major steps the driver needs to remember when they are taking the deliveries. 

The Deliveree system is designed to manage deliveries and thus tracks the driver's operational effectiveness.

These steps are based on a Best Practice model seen in restaurants that are doing well. 

Change the route options if you are taking more than one order so that the customer can see where you are. 

Let the customer know when you leave the restaurant. 

Let the customer know that you have arrived- The system will send an SMS when you select "Tell customer I'm here". If you have a second SIM with air time on it, you can call the customer. 

Deliveree is NOT a payment App. You will still need to swipe the customer's card on a Speed point/ process payment on a payment device such as a Payment Pebble or PocketPos.

Once you process the payment, mark the order as delivered. The customer will then rate the driver and give the restaurant feedback.