There are 4 major steps the Manager/Deliveree Operator needs to remember when they are working with the software.

The Deliveree system is designed to manage deliveries and thus tracks the restaurant's operational effectiveness.

These steps are based on a Best Practice model seen in restaurants that are doing well. 

Knowing where your customers are, knowing where certain go and no go zones are as well as having an idea of traffic trends will give you the upper hand when delivering on time and in a safe manner. 

Knowing your customer, how they like their food and where they are will improve customer experience and will create return business

Knowing where your driver is Keeps them safe, helps you give them directions if they are lost and helps you see where the order is so that you can communicate with the customer. 

Knowing your reports helps you track the Returns on Investment (Franchisees can see where operational changes can be made to cut costs and improve operation). 

Franchisees can also look at the Return on Experience (ROX) and see how the customer is experiencing the interactions with the restaurant and how the driver experience/inexperience is impacting the customer.