Return on Investment (ROI)

Deliveree software benefits:

1. Driver movements can be monitored from anywhere if the franchisee has the URL and login info. (Combo setup/ stand-alone). Save on Fuel by utilizing the map to better-plan driving routes.

2. Orders can be tracked by managers in the store from the time they are placed to the time they are delivered. Minimize customer complaints by watching the driver in real-time.

3. Customer details are readily available on the system. (Pushed through from Yumbi).

4. Integration (Yumbi, AURA POS, Nedbank Pocket Pos, Thumbzup/ABSA Pebble).

5. Driver’s login time can be tracked so Franchisees can see hours worked.

6. Drivers have access to G.P.S information and can navigate from the store to the customer with Google directions.

7. Reports can be accessed at any time, from anywhere. 

8. Managers and Drivers can assign orders. Orders can be grouped to reduce the number of trips. 

The Return On Experience (ROX) measures the purchase experience of your customers with LDT- Positional Data from Deliveree that is pushed to Yumbi.  

For more information on Live Driver tracking solutions, please contact Yumbi directly.