All online Advanced Training is hosted via Zoom. 

PLEASE test your Zoom set up and Sound as well as Internet connection at least a day BEFORE the session to make sure all works. 

For more info about joining a Zoom Meeting click here:

You can use the free version of Zoom and log on to the session with the Link sent to you by the trainer.

All Training offered by Delivery Tribe is intended to be a conversation and therefore it is vital that we can SEE and HEAR each other. 

In order to reserve your booking, we need at least one week.

Kindly mail to get a quote.

7 hours of Advanced Training:

Advanced Deliveree Training is 4+ hours. These sessions are recommended for all NEW stores and stores aiming to improve proficiency.

Each module session is one hour long.


There is a fee associated with the advanced training. Training needs to be paid upfront to secure the booking.

The added benefit of these sessions is that they are closed sessions and the recordings will be sent to the Franchisee/owner.


Advanced training will cover:

  1. An introduction to Deliveree and our technology. Ops reporting. 
  2. Deliveree Driver Application training and simulations.
  3. Deliveree WEB Training and simulations.
  4. Deliveree Reporting. 

Assessments of staff comprehension will be done during the session.

Below are the T's and C's for joining the training conducted via Zoom. (NOT negotiable).

  • Delegates will need a stable internet connection and have downloaded Zoom.
  • The Delegates will need to sign in on a PC with a camera and sound.
  • The session will start promptly at the chosen time. 
  • Training will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and excludes Public holidays.
  • Advanced Training will also not be hosted on Month End so that we do not disrupt operations.

All sessions are recorded for QA purposes. 


1 business day prior (or later) = no refund
2 business days prior = 50% refund
3 days or more prior to the training = 100% refund (Excluding weekends). 

If you have any additional questions, you can call 031 880 1602 (Select option THREE for training).

*Due to the increasing numbers of COVID 19 cases, sessions on-site will be unavailable until further notice.