Please download Zoom for the online training. 

Log on to Wifi and download for or PC. 

Zoom is the preferred online training Software used by Delivery Tribe. 

We encourage our clients to familiarise themselves with this platform as we are rapidly moving into the age of online training and online meetings. 

This tool is user-friendly and can be used to connect with people in professional and private forums. 

This tool allows Delivery Tribe to connect with our clients worldwide and record all training sessions for QA Purposes.


If delegates know how to use the system BEFORE the time, it eliminates spending most of the session troubleshooting and we can use our time together well.

All Training offered by Delivery Tribe is intended to be a conversation and therefore it is vital that we can SEE and HEAR each other. 

Please have a look at Zoom's website for more details.

Here are some key steps to help you set up Zoom:

1. Download Zoom on your PC or Mobile device

2. Follow this Basic Tutorial on how to join a meeting:

3. Know the basics for connecting your microphone. 

The trainer needs to hear you and you need to hear the trainer. 

Make sure your Microphone and speaker work BEFORE the session.

Some Basic Icons:

Mute/Unmute (on the bottom left of your screen)

This allows you to Mute yourself if you do not wish to speak or unmute yourself if you do.

Start/stop the video (on the bottom left of your screen).

This allows you to hide the camera if you do not want to be seen or to show yourself if you want to be seen.

The Chat function (in the middle of the screen)

This allows you to chat with the Trainer or other delegates to ask questions or leave comments. 

Your trainer will explain some of these tools in the first few minutes of the sessions.