Clients who are utilizing Blades that are irreparable (cannot be fixed), and still have contracts with ABSA Bank can make use of the Pebble device as it can still be used as a payment solution with a Smart Phone. 

*The Cosoft SIM card from the Blade can be used in the Smartphone. 

You will need the following:

• Broken Blade with ABSA Pebble attached

• 4-millimetre star screwdriver

• Smartphone- refer to this link for the minimum specifications

Step One:

Ensure that you have a clean/flat working surface and that you have the correct screwdriver

Step Two:

Lay the Blade flat with the ABSA Pebble facing you.

Identify where the screws are located. (see picture below)

Step Three:

There are two screws in the device.

Both screws need to be removed in order to remove the transparent (see-through) casing around the ABSA Pebble.

Remove the first screw as shown

Remove the second screw as shown:

Step Four:

Carefully pull the transparent casing off by gripping both sides.

Step Five:

Remove the ABSA Pebble from the Blade.

Once the ABSA Pebble has been safely removed, Franchisees/Managers will be able to use the ABSA Pebble with their new Android Device (smartphone).

The ABSA Pebble will need to be plugged into the Audio-port at the top of the phone

Plug the ABSA Pebble in as shown.

Download the payment app on the phone and follow this guide:

Then, once the Pebble is removed from the Blade you will see a small black mini USB plugged into the Pebble. Remove this as this is where the Pebble will be charged going forward.

Important information to consider:

1. Not all Android phones are compatible with the Payment Pebble due to the complexity of the communication between the phone and the Pebble.

2. Also note that the Pebble doesn’t have to be plugged into the phone to be charged. The Pebble will not charge via the smartphone and will need to be charged separately every day.

3. Some of the smartphones’ audio jacks are located at the bottom of the phone and not on top as per the Blade. You will be able to rotate the App screen and the Pebble screen by going into the settings function on the App.

4. Every time that the Pebble is inserted into a different type of phone the Pebble would ask for an audio test which just needs to be noted as this takes a few seconds. The phone needs to be held upright with the Pebble on the top. The