The Deliveree Driver app is available on the Google Play Store (NB- The app is only available to download for Android).

This App is only for the driver, Managers can access, and view the delivery details and progress on 

The current Deliveree Driver App version should always be running on your phone.

Make sure the phone is connected to WIFI* 

Please follow the steps below to download and Install the Deliveree App.

To get it on the Play Store:

1. Locate and open the Google PlayStore on your Smartphone.

A PlayStore account needs to be created that is used for the phones only and should not be an account that is used by the store for any confidential correspondence. 

2. Use the Search box to search for the Deliveree Driver App.

3. Select the Deliveree Driver App.  Click Install.

4. Wait for the installation to complete. Click "Open"

5. Once the Deliveree app is Open, Allow Driver Deliveree to access device location and files on the device as well as manage calls.

6. You will now need to register the device and sign in. 

Register the phone by typing in the email address and password provided to you by Delivery Tribe (this is the same password and email address you use to log in to 

 You will see the device is now registered. You can now log in using the AURA password. 

Once you have completed the download, make sure the WIFI is off and that you "forget" that connection. 

The App must always be running on Mobile Data. 

If you have a phone that doesn’t have the Play Store you can download and install it directly.


To download and install it directly:

Once you have installed the App,  Below is a youTube video to assist with device setup:

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