It is important that each device has Teamviewer installed on it.

Software support can remotely access your device when you have issues with the Deliveree application. 

Please follow the below steps to download TeamViewer Quick Support. 

Make sure the phone is connected to WIFI*

1.    Locate and open the Google Play Store on your Smartphone.

2.    Use the Search box to search for the TeamViewer Quick Support.

3.    Select the TeamViewer Quick Support App.

4.    Click Install.


Setting up TeamViewer Quick Support

Please follow the below steps to setup TeamViewer Quick Support.

1.    Locate and open the Quick Support on your Smartphone.


2.    Once the app is open you will need to swipe through the tutorial and click on Done in the last screen.


3.    Once you have clicked on done you will be prompted to download the additional Add-On for the device.


4.    You will be redirected to the additional Add-On in the Google Play Store, click Install.

NOTE: The “Add-On” will differ according to the device used (E.g. Samsung/Huawei)

5.    Once the Add-On has been installed you can now navigate your way back to the Quick Support App.

Here you will find your ID which will be used to connect to the device.

Using TeamViewer 

Please follow the below steps to use TeamViewer Quick Support.

1.    When calling the support team for the assistance you will be asked for the TeamViewer ID.

This will be found on the home page once you have set up TeamViewer Quick Support

2.    Once you have given the helpdesk agent your TeamViewer ID, and they connect you will see a pop-up notification where you will need to allow access to the device.

NOTE: Please make sure you have an active and stable internet connection to allow the Software support agent to connect.

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