SIM Cards are supplied by Delivery Tribe and run on the Cosoft APN.

Follow the link below to apply for a new SIM or to do a SIM Swap or cancel SIM cards. 

There is NO need to top up the data. 

The Cosoft APN prevents the driver from using mobile data for anything other than Deliveree and Maps.

Click here to see how to set this up on phones:

Click here to see how to set this up on Payment Blades:

The Cosoft APN will reduce the amount of personal data spent by the driver as they cannot access social media and other sites on the mobile network.

New SIMS can be ordered on both Vodacom and MTN networks. 

SIM cards can also be can be replaced/ swapped out provided the SIM cards are in good condition.

All sim cards are couriered and cannot be collected by a client

*Courier fees and cancellation fees apply.