It is important to remember that Delivery Tribe cannot track a stolen phone. 

Our core offering is Software and we are able to generate information about the last time a phone was used and by which driver, provided they logged in. 

If you were using the Delivery Tribe SIM Card, we can swap it. 

Delivery Tribe can assist in providing the Franchisee with important information for the police about the SIM Card if it was stolen with a phone.

Delivery Tribe cannot blacklist the device (cell phone) on behalf of the Franchisee. The purpose of getting the SIM details is to provide it to the police so that you can present a case number to your insurance company. 

All newly purchased cell phones, therefore, need to be independently insured. 

Please Insure the phone using the IMEI number and take note of the Make/Model and where you bought it.

To do a SIM SWAP, Please follow the link below: 


Our team can assist by providing you will a cell number to the SIM that was in the stolen device (provided we have a SIM number). 

You can find this detail on follow this link for detail:

You will then need to report the loss of your cellphone also to your nearest police station.

The police are going to ask you for a reference number from your cell phone service provider,  you will use the job number of the SIM swap request as your reference as well as the device IMEI number (essentially your claim is on the device and not the SIM).

The police will then register a case and that case number can be given to insurance.

Software support can further assist and answer any additional questions on