How to set up the Cosoft APN (Access Point Name)

Follow this link to the  youTube video to assist with device setup:


or follow the steps below:

NOTE: Each phone brand and model might have different naming conventions for setting up the APN. (Access Point Name). Please note the APN only works on SIM Cards provided by Cosoft. 

Please follow the below steps to setup Cosoft APN on Smart Devices.


1. Locate and open the Settings on your Smartphone.


In setting click on Connection/Network Settings





 2. In Connection Settings Click Mobile Networks





 3. IIn Mobile Networks click Access Point Names



 4. In Access Point Names click Add (+) to create the Cosoft APN






 5. Once you have clicked on add, it will open a blank APN here you will need to add the following:

Name: cosoft

APN: cosoft


NOTE: This is the only information that you will need to add (spelling & lowercase is very important)


 6. Once you added the Name & APN, select the 3 dots in the top right corner  and select Save. This is very important because if you do not save your changes, you cannot use the APN as it will not appear in the list.




Once you have selected Cosoft you can now close your settings. 


If the SIM is removed from the device and reinserted / Installed for the first time RSAWeb recommends rebooting the device after changing the APN.

A recap on the steps:

1. Please go to Settings in the phone you are wanting to use, make sure that the DT SIM Card is inserted in the phone

2. Go to Connections

3. Go to Mobile Networks

4. Then to Access Point Names (APNs)

5. Tap on the dots in the top right hand corner and choose reset to default

6. Then when it says they have been reset

7. Tap + or 'add' in the top right corner

8. Tap "name" and set it to cosoft

9. Tap OK

10. Tap "APN" and set it to cosoft

11. Then tap the 3 dots in the top left and tap Save

12. You should now see an APN called cosoft

13. Touch the circle next to cosoft to select it

14. Then restart the smartphone

15. Once the phone restarts, disable WiFi and see if you are able to use the Deliveree app using mobile data.


 For any additional support and assistance in setting the APN, please e-mail 


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