Please note the APN (Access Point Name) only works on SIM Cards provided by Cosoft. 

When the Tumbzup Blade is sent in for repairs and the SIM card is removed, the APN (SIM settings) will change and will need to be reset before using the device. 


Follow the steps below to set up the APN for Cosoft SIMS on their Thumbzup devices.

The sim card can be inserted and removed as shown below:






From the main screen


Swipe left and click on Updates



Select SIM Swop

Follow the prompt to download the application> select “Yes” and the App will download.





After downloading the application, you will need to install and run the application. Select “install”.





Select “Set APN” 


If the APN is already set/configured, then the message will show (see right image).



The app will constantly be available on the home screen. 



For any additional support and assistance in setting the APN, please e-mail

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