Since the inception of the Deliveree software, Delivery Tribe has worked with various payment solutions. Currently, Delivery Tribe offers both integrated and non-integrated payment solutions for the customers. 

A new version of the Payment Pebble application will be released following rigorous testing.

This new version aims to simplify the on-site payment process at the customer. 

The maintenance of the Deliveree application and support thereof is run by Delivery Tribe, however, all payment solutions are managed by the bank / their payment partners. 

This application, although it works with the Deliveree solution is managed and maintained by Thumbzup. 

It is also the customer’s responsibility to have insurance for the Thumbzup hardware and also liaise directly with Thumbzup when the devices are broken. 

*Important Note: This document does not imply that The  Delivery Tribe Support agents or Cosoft Technicians will be technically supporting/repairing devices supplied by or Thumbzup, it is simply a guide that demonstrates how Deliveree works with the new Payment Pebble App. 


Important contact details:


Thumbzup will provide technical support on faulty devices, sores can use the contact information below to get information about signup and merchant con



Delivery Tribe to be contacted for Deliveree App queries.

For cash up in AURA contact the Cosoft helpdesk on 031 940 7003 or visit their support page

Please see the attached user guide. *Please think about the planet before printing.