Current onboarded stores can add other brands to their existing setup provided they are in the same store. 

You will then have a combo setup. 

What does a Combo Store look like?

  •  Deliveries for the different brands are clearly marked throughout.
  • In the web interface, you’ll see these changes in the Delivery Admin, In Progress Maps, and in the reports.
  • In the driver app, every delivery is labeled with the brand.

Below is an example of a Combo store with 3 separate brands. 

What do you need to do?

Email: Tell us who you are and the name of the Store you own that is currently using Deliveree..

  1. Tell us the name of the POS your store is using and provide us with the POS ID (if AURA).
  2.  Confirm the Address of the store, and indicate clearly where the store is (G.P.S info).
  3. Provide support with the name and number of someone to contact at the store when setting up.
  4. For a multi-server AURAstore setup to work with Deliveree, all drivers need to be added identically to BackOffice on all servers. The Employee Number and password must be exactly the same. This is so that there is only one driver on Deliveree, but all the orders are correctly assigned in Aura for the driver cash up to be done.

How much extra will it cost?

  • Deliveree is billed based on how much you use. 
  • If you are going to be using your existing drivers, you won’t be paying any more per phone/Blade. 
  • Because you could be delivering more orders, you’ll pay for the additional SMS costs.
  • If you are adding additional drivers or wanting to use additional phones/Blades you will pay the per-device costs for these.

What do you need to check on Deliveree after the change is complete?

You will need to make sure all drivers have been allocated to do deliveries for all brands.

Seen here: