Delivery History Report

Reports are vital as they assist the Administrators/Managers/Operators in gathering information that will assist them in better managing their Drivers and Delivery services. 


By understanding the information that the system provides, Administrators/Managers/Operators can make the necessary operational changes that will improve the customer’s experience. 

From the driver station, you will be able to log in and view all reports.

Follow the steps below:



Click the dropdown arrow on the upper left-hand side of the screen. 





From the dropdown menu select REPORTS.




There are four report categories on Deliveree:

  1. Deliveries reports
  2. Driver Reports
  3. Payments Reports
  4. Summary Reports


Click Delivery History: 

At the top on the left, you will see the number of deliveries for that day.

This report can also be exported to Excel.

Column definitions: 

•     #- Order number 

•     Date 

•    Time 

•    Customer- Name and Surname 

•    Source- from online ordering or through the call centre 

•    Store 

•    Driver 

•     Status- Delivered, undispatched or the name of the problem will show here 

•    Value- Amount owed to the store 

•    MBD- Minutes before due (on time) 

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