All devices (Both PC’s and Driver devices) should have AnyDesk installed. This is for our support team to remotely assist all users when they have software challenges. 

On your PC, click on Google Chrome/Firefox etc. and search “Anydesk download”




Go to



Select your operating system i.e Windows 


Then click


On the bottom-left corner, you will see AnyDesk downloading:



Once AnyDesk has downloaded, click on it to open. 



Follow the prompts to get started.





You will then be taken to a screen where you will see “this desk” the code in the block (blacked out in the image below) is what you will give our support agents to assist you. 





On your phone:


Go to the PlayStore . Search for Apps  and then type in “AnyDesk” into the search bar.


Click “Install”  Once the app has installed click “open”



The code in the bar called “Your Address” is what you will provide to our support agent when you assistance:  

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