This covers the steps used in a Standard Deliveree Environment (where Auto Assign is not configured at the Store).

Download the Deliveree Driver App from the Playstore or from the Updater on the Blade.

The Driver app is available on the Google Play Store (NB- The app is only available to download for Android).

This App is only for the driver, Managers can access, and view the delivery details and progress on 

Follow the link  to download the App from the PlayStore: 

➔    Go to on your phone.

If you have a phone that doesn’t have the Play Store you can download and install it directly.

Just email or reach out to us on our chat option.

Make sure the App and Phone are set up correctly.

This app is available in isiZulu, Afrikaans, Setswana, or English. 

On the bottom left corner of the app, there is a settings icon. (as shown above). Click this to select your preferred language.

There are 6 major steps the driver needs to remember when they are taking the deliveries. 

The Deliveree system is designed to manage deliveries and thus tracks the driver's operational effectiveness.

Change the route options if you are taking more than one order. By optimizing the route, you will save time. 

Select Leave- This starts the clock on the trip and managers are able to view driver location and keep customers updated.

Let the customer know that you have arrived- The Deliveree system will send an SMS to the customer when you select "Tell customer I'm here".

Deliveree is NOT a payment App. You will still need to swipe the customer's card on a Speed point/ process payment on a payment device such as a Payment Pebble or PocketPos.

 Once you select "tell customer I'm here" and process the payment, the order will be completed.

Click "Continue" to end the trip. 

Here is the YouTube basic video :

Attached is a PDF of the full user guide 

*Please think of the planet before printing.