All online Training is hosted via Zoom.


*Training is offered online only.

Closed Training Sessions:

Closed training sessions are where bookings are done for one store or one group only. 

They are paid for upfront and are therefore longer and more detailed.

No one outside of the store/group can join. 

These sessions are recommended for all NEW stores and stores aiming to improve proficiency.

New Stores will see this as a once-off fee on the Deliveree Invoice. 


Training needs to be paid upfront to secure the date.

There will be 30-minute breaks between sessions and a lunch break.

The added benefit of these sessions is that the recordings will be sent to the Franchisee/owner and can be watched offline once downloaded.


Training will cover:

  1. Deliveree Driver Application training and simulations. (1 hr)
  2. Deliveree Web Basics and simulations. (Assigning orders and using the map) (1 hr)
  3. Deliveree Web Admin. (Vehicles, drivers, sim cards, and Device admin) (1 hr)
  4. Deliveree Reporting. (1-2 hrs)

We will also ensure delegates are given Important contact information for support purposes.


The session will start promptly at the scheduled time.

If delegates are late, we will not extend the length of the session to accommodate this. 

If no attendees sign in after 10 minutes the session will be closed and you will forfeit the session.


1 business day prior (or later) = no refund and you will forfeit the session
2 business days prior = 50% refund
3 days or more prior to the training = 100% refund (Excluding weekends). 

*We are able to coordinate around load shedding times during the day, the store is advised to provide 24-hour notice of any time changes due to load shedding.

ONLY for paid training bookings made the day before training, cancellation is as follows:

Notice one hour before the start of the first session- we will reschedule to the first available date. (based on trainer's availability)

Less than one hour's notice with no sign in 5 minutes after the start time of the first session- sessions will be forfeited. 



Files are deleted in Delivery Tribe's drive after 2 months so it is important that you download and save the recording.

If you have any additional questions, you can call email