This is a report for the manager to run at the end of the day.

It is run for a specified day only and can only show one day at a time. (to see more days in one report, select the store overview report).

Click View and the summary will be shown.


The same colour coding applies to all reports:

GREEN: On-time- delivered within 32 minutes.

ORANGE: 5 minutes late- delivered 5 minutes after the 32 minutes.

RED: Late- delivered later than 5 minutes after the 32 minutes.

BLACK: Not delivered

From the left- We can also see how many orders were assigned to the driver, we can then see the percentage on on-time vs late and not delivered orders.


The report will show how many orders of the total delivered are NOT paid, how many trips were done, how many orders were done out of order as well as the hours the driver worked for that day.

Information per driver is then broken down by Hour of day. The report uses 24 hour times, so in the example below, Hour 13 is 13h00 (1pm) etc.

Scroll down to see the Details of Deliveries:

From the left you will see:

  1. #- the order numbers.
  2. External ID- The number that will reflect on the AURA POS as well.
  3. Customer- The customer’s name.
  4. Time- the time the order was placed.
  5. Paid-     means not paid and means the order is paid.
  6. Value- The amount paid.
  7. Payments- will show the payment type.


Underneath the “Value” column you will see a total- this is the VALUE of the orders.

Underneath the Payments column you will see a total- this is the amount collected by the driver.

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