The purpose of the report is to show an overview of the time differences between the different stages of delivery. Each value is the difference in minutes between the stages (status).

Users will filter by date.   Select the Date filter to choose a date. (one day at a time can be viewed).

The report will show 2 tables: Delivery Timing showing all deliveries for the day as well as Average Driver Times for an overview of driver average times between each step, for the same day.

Delivery Timing Information is displayed in a row, it indicates the order number, the driver's name, and the various relevant time stamps linked to each status in the delivery.

Each column for the Delivery Timing is explained below:

  1. #: Order Number
  2. Driver: Driver Name as it shows in Deliveree
  3. Status: The status of the delivery at the time the report was generated
  4. Placed: The time the order was placed by the customer
  5. Assigned: The time the order was assigned to a Driver
  6. Dispatched: When the driver selected “Leave” on the Deliveree Driver App.
  7. Geofence: When the driver broke the Geofence
  8. Delivered: When the driver marked the order as “Delivered” from the Deliveree Driver App.
  9. Due: The time the customer expected the food to be delivered.
  10. ETA: The estimated time of arrival.

Scroll down to see the Average Time per Driver.

The first 4 numbers (placed to assigned, assigned to dispatched, dispatched to geofence, geofence to delivered) should always be + because they run sequentially.

In the last two columns Delivered before due and Delivered before ETA, the numbers can be either negative (arrived before) or positive (arrived after).

This shows the difference in time that it took the driver to move from one status to the other.

For Example, placed to assigned (how long it took for the store to assign the order to a driver after it was placed).

The report does NOT show late or early, it just gives an indication of how long each stage takes.

The averages in the header row and the footer row are the average numbers of minutes across all drivers for orders set as "Delivered".

This is so that orders not properly tracked as seen below, do not skew the average times.

Example one: (Order Assigned, dispatched, and delivered within a few minutes- this report shows the order was assigned, dispatched, and marked delivered in 2 minutes. No time stamp is given for the Geofence)

Example Two: (order placed, assigned, and dispatched but not marked as delivered)

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