Zoom is the preferred online video peer-to-peer Software used by Delivery Tribe to host the training. 

We encourage our clients to familiarise themselves with this platform as we are rapidly moving into the age of online training and online meetings. 

This tool is user-friendly and can be used to connect with people in professional and private forums. 

This tool allows Delivery Tribe to connect with our clients worldwide and record all training sessions for QA Purposes.

*Delivery Tribe software support is not able to assist if there are issues with the Zoom App. We only make use of this app to connect with our delegates and cannot be held responsible if the app does not function as it should.

You will receive an invitation to REGISTER for the event. (Registration links are usually sent for open training sessions to control mass training bookings).

Click on the link to register:

To register, you will be asked to provide:

  • Name and Surname 
  • Email address, 
  • Country/Region,
  • Organization (The company/store you work for)
  • Job title

You will then see the registration is approved. Click “add to calendar” to save this event in your calendar.

There is an option to select which Calendar you want to save the meeting to:

If you click “google calendar” for example, this is linked to your Gmail account. 

*This may look different with Outlook and Yahoo, please read the prompts.

The meeting will open in your calendar, and it will show you the details of the Zoom meeting.


Click “save” and the event will be saved to your calendar.

On the day of training, 10 minutes before the start, click the link that says “join Zoom meeting”.

Or click  

Do not share this link as it is UNIQUE to your registration.

Use this time to test your camera and sound.


We aim to retain all scheduled sessions, however, if there are less than 3 stores signed in, sessions are canceled. Sessions may also be canceled in advance for reasons other than limited attendance and will be communicated in advance.

When sessions are canceled, you will receive another email. 

Please have a look at Zoom's website for more details. https://zoom.us/

Here are some key steps to help you set up Zoom:

1. Download Zoom on your PC or Mobile device


2. Follow this Basic Tutorial on how to join a meeting:


3. Know the basics for connecting your microphone.