The cookies we use do not contain information that can personally identify you. We only use cookies to keep the user signed in or to save preferences.

We do not use any tracking or analytic services

The only personal information we use is the information used to sign in to our service. This data is stored securely in our hosted environment. (https://deliveree.co.za) We do not share any personal data with any third parties, and it is only available to our internal support team.



If you choose to upload device information, we collect the following:

  • Platform, OS Version
  • Battery Levels
  • Location Settings
  • Network settings
  • SIM Card info


Your Name, Surname, e-mail address, and company name are kept on file when registering for Zoom Training. This information will only be shared in the form of an attendance register to your Franchising Head Office operations team if they wish to review attendance. 

This information is not shared with any third party and only the Training Manager can access it. 

All training videos are hosted on G-Drive and are deleted 4 months after the training has been completed. 

Should you require any additional information about our Privacy Policy, kindly email support@deliverytribe.co.za.