Devices that are experiencing issues with Google Maps and not being able to navigate should apply the following fix. 

On ALL Devices experiencing the issue:

Open Deliveree

Click on Support ( if the driver is not logged in) and Accounts and then Support (if the driver is logged in)

Click on Device links

Put in the code 7739

Wait while the app downloads and installs - this may take some time. 

When choosing Navigate drivers will be asked if they want to use Maps or the Browser - they must select Maps and this will then allow them to navigate. 

If Device Links is not available - please Update your device to the Latest Version - with the exception of the DCS stores, this update is suitable for ANY and ALL devices and then try the steps above again. 

For Thumbzup Blades we have added the Google Maps to the THumbzup Updater as well - in case you are not able to download it via the device links for any reason.