Do you already have Deliveree at your store?

Auto Assign is available to be added to your existing Deliveree setup. 

Orders will be automatically assigned to drivers with configurable settings outlined below:

A minimum time before the order is due when the system starts assigning to the driver (s).

A maximum number of orders will be assigned to the Driver in groups.

A maximum number of km is applied when grouping orders.

A Maximum time between grouped deliveries.

To ADD ON Auto Assign, the Franchisee will need to Email:

We will need to know:

  • The name of the store(s).
  • Brand-specific ID numbers for the store (s). (Please ask your Brand or us if you are unsure what to provide).
  • Contact details of someone at the store (s).
  • That you want to add Auto Assign and understand any additional costs. (please ask us if you are unsure).
  • Emails can be sent when Auto Allocation is disabled- advise on the email address (s) you want these notifications sent to.

Thereafter Stores will be invited to a FREE* (for stores that already have Deliveree) online training session to be shown how Auto Assign works with your current software package.

Once stores have attended training, the support team will be in touch to arrange a date to go live with the upgrades.

For any further information about Deliveree with Auto Assign, please email or call 031 880 1602.