Thank you for your continued loyalty and interest in growing with Delivery Tribe. In order to register your interest in upgrading your existing Deliveree store, to the much easier to use Deliveree with Auto Assign (Deliveree Plus), we request that you follow the link below, to provide us the information we require in order to configure this for your store. (Please note that all information is important, this ensures we configure your stores correctly. The required FIS number is something you can obtain from your Franchise Manager). NB. IF INFORMATION IS NOT GIVEN CORRECTLY WE WILL NOT SEND YOU A TRAINING INVITE. 


Please only register once per store - and please use your primary address so that you receive invites and reminders. Only addresses that have been registered will be allowed access to the meetings.

Once this has been completed with all the correct information we can issue you an invite to our sessions where you will be able to register for a date that suits you best. This training session will include other existing stores as well, So please make sure you label your store Correctly and that you have a good internet connection with access to a Camera and a Microphone so that your team is visible and audible. 

For your convenience here is a breakdown of the fees associated with Auto Assign being activated on your Deliveree Store.(NB all fees are Excluding VAT) 

  1. Deliveree Platform fee                                                                                                         R28

  2. Monthly Licenceautomatically pushed to next available driver. Calculated at R7.79

    Per logged in device per day, capped at R155.80 per device per month.                                R155.80
  1. SIM Data per SIM card (provides for 1Gb)                                                                           R110 

  2. SMS                                                                                                                                      R0.26