Are you NEW to Delivery Tribe's software called  Deliveree?


And thank you for your interest in the Deliveree software solution. 

Store Owners will use this link to Sign Up for a new Deliveree set up:


This form will guide stores in applying for:

  1. Delivery Tribe APN SIM Cards* (South Africa only) on either the Vodacom or MTN network.
  2. Deliveree Software. (Monthly reoccurring fees).
  3. Deliveree new store closed training sessions. (advanced online training for Drivers, store managers, and Franchisees).
  4. Optional Cosoft Hardware (Delivery Tribe does not supply Hardware- this includes phones/Blades/PCs) 

Here are the minimum specifications for the Phones:

Stores will automatically have Auto Assign enabled and this will be covered in the training.

Kindly use the following format when providing store details:

Country>Brand>Store Name

Example: Mauritius- Delicious Food Brand -Port Louis Store

*We can issue SIM cards that utilize the cosoft APN in SA only. The SIM has been blocked so that only specific apps can be used. This prevents the misuse of mobile data.