*Delivery Tribe does not supply smartphones or accessories.

Deliveree runs on Android Smartphones with the following minimum specs:

  • Android 8 or Higher, Currently Android Go is NOT supported
  • GPS
  • Battery Above 3000mAh
  • Dual SIM capability 
  • Play Store 

*Delivery Tribe does not endorse the use of any specific phone make and model nor do we repair/offer support for Hardware-related issues.  

Why does the phone need these minimum specifications? 

Android 8 or Higher

There are advantages to running more recent versions of Android(NOT INCLUDING ANDROID GO). Latest Upgrades of the Deliveree App run on Andriod 8.


Without GPS we can't track the drivers. Drivers also can't use Google Maps for navigation.

Battery Above 3000mAh

This is probably the most important spec. We are constantly tracking location, even in the background. We are also getting updates in the background. When the device is unlocked and on a delivery we attempt to keep the screen on so the drivers could mount the phone and have visibility. All that uses a lot of battery. When the battery gets low, Android starts killing things that are running in the background and other services consuming a lot of power (GPS, 4G) which means even if our app doesn't get killed, we are not getting locations and we don't have a great signal or any signal at all.

Dual SIM capability 

This is not a requirement. Mobile data does not automatically switch between the SIMs, so the driver would have to manually switch when they know or realize that signal is bad in an area - The second SIM slot can be used for a normal SIM so drivers can call the customer if needed.

Play Store 

To download our Driver Deliveree App  and TeamViewer.