Delivery Tribe's core offering is Software, therefore our software can run on almost any PC or Tablet. 

As an alternative to the Cosoft driver station, Franchisees can purchase their own PC to monitor

The most important specifications for the PC/ Tablet to run Deliveree is:

  1. The Device operating system can be Android, Linux, iOS or Windows
  2. The PC/Tablet should have access to Google Chrome/ Firefox. (most modern browsers can load
  3. 8 GB Storage
  4. At least 1GB RAM 
  5. A charger to ensure battery life lasts the entire shift.
  6. 4G Connection with WIFI

Most good hardware suppliers will be able to recommend devices when you provide them with the above specs in line with your budget. 

*Delivery Tribe does not endorse the use of any specific PC/Tablet make and model nor do we repair/offer support for Hardware-related issues.