A support function has been built into the App (which is accessible from the Login screen or the Account tab), By clicking on this, you can change the settings of your phone. 

*Please remember the naming conventions differ on each device.

Follow this link to the  youTube video to assist with device setup: https://youtu.be/r-Co2b8fFzA

or follow the steps below:

Under the Account Tab, there is a support button where You/the manager will have access to these support options again.





 You will be given a few options:



  1. Get remote support- Allows our Support team to remotely connect to your device.  Here you can also download TeamViewer Quick Support. 



2. App Version

3. Upload device info- Here will be able to see which SIMs are enabled in the device.

 4. APN Settings - This will show the APN settings where we can check whether the correct APN has been set up and is active.

Make sure the APN is correctly set if you are using a Cosoft SIM.  Follow the link below or read the step by step guidelines beneath the pictures.




The APN settings are case sensitive and "cosoft" needs to be in lower-case. 

Setting up the APN on a mobile Phone: 

1. Please go to Settings in the phone you are wanting to use, make sure that the DT SIM Card is inserted in the phone

2. Go to Connections

3. Go to Mobile Networks

4. Then to Access Point Names (APNs)

5. Tap on the dots in the top right hand corner and choose reset to default

6. Then when it says they have been reset

7. Tap + or 'add' in the top right corner

8. Tap "name" and set it to cosoft

9. Tap OK

10. Tap "APN" and set it to cosoft

11. Then tap the 3 dots in the top left and tap Save

12. You should now see an APN called cosoft

13. Touch the circle next to cosoft to select it

14. Then restart the smartphone

15. Once the phone restarts, disable WiFi and see if you are able to use the Deliveree app using mobile data.



5. Battery Settings – Set to not optimize.


How to set the Battery Optimization to OFF for Deliveree

1. Click on Support if the driver is not logged in. If a driver is logged in on the device click on Accounts and then Support

2. Scroll down the page to Settings and in there look for the Battery Settings. In there please click on Battery Optimization.

3. Click on the drop down arrow (v) next to Apps not optimised

4. Choose ALL Apps

5. Find Driver Deliveree and click on it and turn OFF Battery optimization.


 6. Location - If the location has not been set to High Accuracy, we might not get correct or any location updates.



How to Ensure that High Accuracy Location is set for Driver Tracking

1. Click on Support if the driver is not logged in. If a driver is logged in on the device click on Accounts and then Support

2. Scroll down the page to Settings and in there look for the Location. In there please click on Location.

3. Ensure that permission has been granted for Driver Deliveree to access location and are allowed all the time by clicking on App permission on Cell phones Or High Accuracy mode on the Thumbzup Blade.


7. Application Settings - This opens the Android application settings for The Driver app. From here we can uninstall it, clear cache/data/storage to "reset" the app, check permissions, turn on notifications for the app, etc.



How to make sure the Data settings are correct for Deliveree on a Mobile Phone

Go to settings on the device 

Select Apps and notifications 

Choose Driver Deliveree 

Go to Mobile Data 

Make sure allow background data usage is on 

Then make sure allow data usage while data saver is on also 

Please also make sure Data roaming is turned on , and devices should never be connected to wifi unless they are being updated as it take them awhile to switch over from wifi back to mobile data

Change Language from Account


Below the support button, there is an option to change the language from Account as well. 




Here you can also access the privacy policy.

Uploading Logs


The logs go to the Delivery Tribe server and we can see the logs under the name of The Driver who is currently logged in. We need logs for diagnosing problems with the Deliveree app on the specific device.



To upload the Logs:


Select     the select



If there were no location updates during the trip, upload the All and Exception log as soon as possible, while You are logged in. 




If there were no location updates during some part of the trip, drive to the area where the location updates stopped. Stop there and check the signal and see if an accurate GPS location can be sent through. 

Perhaps the issue is the placement of the phone on the bike/driver etc.

There could be several issues affecting driver locations not updating, 

  1. No mobile data signal to send new location through.
  2. No new GPS locations picked up.
  3. The driver app is not running.


When uploading logs, please log a ticket and mention your store name as well as the time of each upload.


Once you have uploaded the logs, you will see a screen like this one below. 




These settings need to be done in order for key elements of the App such as Tell Customer I'm here and Driver tracking (monitoring drivers on the in-progress map) to work. 

For more info, click this link 


For any further assistance please email support@deliverytribe.co.za or call 031 880 1602 (option one)