Trip History Report

This report allows you to review a driver’s trips, with each instance counted every time a driver leaves and then returns to the store with one or more orders.

Any of the trip’s ID numbers (#- first column) can be clicked to get a detailed breakdown of that trip.

Click on the trip number seen in the first column: 

The trip history will detail each GPS ping recorded during the trip, with GPS coordinates and speed at the time of the ping.

Each delivery address is displayed on the map with a blue icon. (This is the customer's pin).

The store is displayed on the map with a black icon. (This is the store location).

On the right side, under the heading "Deliveries", you will see the details of each delivery in a trip. 

The order Number, customer Name, status of the delivery, and the time of actual delivery are seen here. 

Click on "Audit" to see more details. 

Here you will be taken to the Delivery Audit logs where you can see the timestamp of  EVERY ACTION regardless of whether it was done on the Mobile App or on Client Admin (from the web). 

Driver GPS locations and a Trip timeline are also available on the right.

Each positional update is shown as a red dot on the map. 

On the right side of this report, you can click "show" and that specific location will pop up on the map on the left with a timestamp and will show the speed the driver went. 

EXAMPLE: Position of the driver at 11:25:01 with a speed of 50km/h

You can also view the timeline of each event in the trip by clicking the dropdown.

When location settings are OFF and NOT set to high accuracy or when mobile data is turned off, we will no longer see positional information: Driver locations will be blank. 

When this happens check:

1. That the device has enough mobile data/ if using a Cosoft APN SIM that the settings are correct.

2. Check that location setting are ON and switched to "High Accuracy". 

For assistance in correctly setting up a phone, click this link:

or call support on 031 880 1602 (SELECT OPTION ONE).

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