Sim Card details are available in to assist stores in managing the SIM Cards that have been assigned to their store by Delivery Tribe. 

From the Dashboard, on the top right-hand side, you will see SIM Cards

You are already able to see the number of Active SIM Cards in this block. 

Click "View Details" to see more information and manage your SIM Cards. 

Here you will see the details of the SIM Cards that are Assigned to your store.

In addition to this, the Delivery operator can see the following information on the system: 

  •  the device the sim was inserted into 
  •  the last driver to use the device/SIM

  1.  The SIM Number and the SIM card's network (MTN, Vodacom) - should help identify the SIM.
  2. This shows the date when the SIM was assigned. This identifies "new" SIMs vs "old".
  3. Data usage for the SIM is shown as- None, Low, Normal or High (see example below). This should help identify SIM cards that are not being used: so perhaps stolen/lost/unnecessary.

4. The device/phone that the SIM card was used in. Here we are searching the device info that is uploaded when a driver logs in. This shows the date the SIM was used, the device UUID, the model of the device/phone, and which driver last used that device. All this should help the store identify a particular SIM card.

If a device (with the SIM CARD inside) has been lost/stolen, a SIM SWAP needs to be processed by the delivery tribe and an online form can be filled out using the information seen on Deliveree web. 

See more information about SIM SWAPS following stolen deviceshere:

For additional support, email