There are 6 major steps the driver needs to remember when they are taking the deliveries in an Auto-Assign environment.

The Deliveree system is designed to manage deliveries and thus tracks the driver's operational effectiveness.

Where Auto Assign settings have been added to your store, Brand specific algorithms will automatically group and assign orders to available drivers. 

If you are taking more than one order, you can change the order of the deliveries (who will get their food first) by clicking on the "change order" button.

Once the food is ready and the delivery bag is packed, click "leave".

When arriving at the customer press Tell customer I'm here" and SMS will be sent to the customer. 

Tell customer I'm here will only appear once the driver has physically left the store and is moving towards the customer on/in a moving vehicle*

Make sure you capture the payment method correctly.

Press continue after each delivery in order to complete the trip. 

Your status must show "At store" in order to have more orders auto-assigned to you.

Attached is the full user guide to assist with the detailed user steps. 

For existing stores that want to add this feature to their current set up, here is more info: