What is Auto Allocation/Auto Assign?


Deliveree with Auto Assign is an extension of Deliveree with the added benefit of automatically allocated/Assigned orders to the driver based on an algorithm.

Auto Assign can be added to a standalone or a combo set up.

Drivers “At store” (marked as such in the app as available for delivery) can be Auto-Assigned orders.

Key Features:

  • Toggle feature on and off.
  • Increase numbers of deliveries per driver (efficiency).
  • Route optimization for multiple deliveries.
  • Limited staff required to dispatch orders.
  • Max # of orders per allocation batch.


The Auto Allocation Model:

Currently, the following 4 Options are required for the - Single/Combo model: 

•    Time needed by the driver to prepare for delivery, the higher this number, the quicker deliveries are assigned.

•    Prep time increased slightly for extra deliveries.

•    The Number of extra deliveries that may be grouped with the first.

•    The Maximum distance [km] between customer A and customer B when grouping deliveries.

Attached is the full user guide to assist operators in navigating the web with Auto Assign.

For existing stores that want to add this feature to their current set up, here is more info: https://support.deliverytribe.co.za/support/solutions/articles/44002329648-existing-customers-auto-assign-