Valid delivery = A delivery where the entire delivery process was followed correctly by the driver using the Deliveree App correctly.

This will enhance customer experience and give Deliveree Operators a better idea of delivery timing and other key metrics that influence operational efficiencies.  

All 5 steps have to be completed to be considered VALID.  (Accepted, allocated, leave, I’m here and completed).

*Order allocated here can mean by way of Auto Assign, driver allocation to self (where applicable), or allocation from the web.

How does Delivery Tribe cross-reference this on our side?

Stores need to generate a Delivery Status report- This will show the use of Tell Customer I'm here

How does "Tell customer I'm here" work:


• Check the version number- MUST BE THE CURRENT VERSION

• Is the device fully charged? Are drivers logged in?

• Make sure the device is registered to the correct restaurant.

• Ensure all settings are set (this can be done in-app by selecting “support”) APN, Location, Battery,

and notifications need to be set.

• Make sure the phone is using mobile data and is OFF Wifi

• Make sure there is enough data

(If the store uses Delivery Tribe SIM Cards, ensure the APN is set)

Stand-alone Store instances will generate an overview report- this will show:
Total deliveries
%on time
Not delivered

Combo store instances will generate a store breakdown report- this will show
Total deliveries
%on time
Average prep time
Not delivered

Stores can cross-reference all G.P.S locations of the driver device by using a trip history report. 

Refer to all other reports at the store level here: