The Deliveries Marked Early report is available in the Group reporting portal.

This report has been made available to allow insight into clients with drivers that consistently mark deliveries as 'assigned' too quickly.

The report options are standard for group reporting, however there are 2 added fields.

Under (minutes)

This field allows the user to filter by deliveries marked delivered under a selected number of

minutes. Default 4 minutes.

Grace (per day)

In an effort to remove outlier deliveries, there is a grace field which allows the user to ignore a

specified number of deliveries per day. Default 1 per day.

Report Options

Once the report has loaded, 4 columns are displayed:


Client name


Driver name

# Assigned Under 4 min

This column shows the number of deliveries per driver for the selected date range that were marked

delivered early

AVG Time: Assigned to Delivered

This column displays the average number of minutes between when the delivery was assigned, and

when the delivery was marked as delivered. 0min indicates deliveries marked delivered in under 1