Since the inception of the Deliveree software, Delivery Tribe has worked with various payment solutions. 


The purpose of this user guide is to offer support material on the following key points:

  1. Who to contact at the bank to sign up.
  2. How the Payment solution works alongside the Deliveree Driver App.
  3. Who to contact for support at the Banks when the payment devices are not working


Getting started with Nedbank:

Signing up with the Bank will be the responsibility of the store/restaurant owner.

The bank will provide the store/restaurant with a merchant ID, Login information for their web portal and will deliver the devices/ arrange collection.

Thereafter, the store can use the device in conjunction with the Deliveree Driver App on their android device.


Important NEDBANK contact details:

PocketPOS Escalation Guide

Escalation 1st 


Merchant Helpdesk


Contact Number

0860 114 966

Escalation 2nd  


Merchant Helpdesk Escalations





Escalation 3rd 


Sales Consultant


Contact salesperson that assisted with signup


***Please always Quote merchant number for every query logged with the Merchant helpdesk.



Setting up the NEDBANK Payment App:

When a customer requests to make a card payment while on delivery. It is now possible to process this payment from the Deliveree application on the handset.

By following the next steps, the NEDBANK payment app will be set up and you will be able to:

• You will connect the PocketPos to the phone/tablet via Bluetooth

• Transactions enabled through the Nedbank PocketPOS™ app.

• Acceptance of all major chip-and-PIN credit and debit cards (including American Express®, MasterCard, and Visa).

• On the PocketPos open History. This will give you all that device's transactions for the day.


You will only get your detailed report/statement the following day.

Once you have signed up and received your payment device, go to the Playstore and download the Nedbank Pocket Pos App.      Follow the prompts.






Once installed, the driver will be required to login with the client's merchant details. These details are not provided by Delivery Tribe. The bank would have sent these to the Franchisee.



On the phone screen, the User Group will be displayed.

Credentials which include the (usergroup, username & password) should be used as allocated for the merchant's drivers.

Receiving Payments:

On the Deliveree Driver App, the driver will need to select the payment type. 

The driver then uses the Miura device to make the payment. (This connects to the phone via Bluetooth).





Before delivery is completed, the driver needs to select how payment was made. It is best practice to ensure that the drivers are all using the same conventions at the store so that cash up is more streamlined. 


The Pocket POS device does NOT print a slip; however, does allow the driver to send the customer an SMS. 

 On successful payment, the driver then hits "Save Payments" and completes the delivery.