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On the top left, select “Deliveries”



As delivery orders are placed, they appear in the Admin portal. As an order changes state, it moves across the tabs from “New” to “Assigned” to “In Progress” to “Delivered”. 





Selecting any of these tabs will show the orders in each of their delivery State. 

"New" = An order was just placed.  


In the New orders tab, you will see 3 columns with the abbreviations MBD, EMR and MSP.

By Selecting  next to each abbreviation, a definition will appear:

There are various indicators in each tab showing real-time, relevant information, such as:

1. MBD - number of minutes before the order needs to be delivered,

2. EMR- The time the driver has left at the store before he must leave, taking travel time into consideration, to deliver on time.

3. MSP- This indicates how long ago the client placed the order.



To see the details of the new order, click    on the right side of the order.






Order details will be shown like this:

At the top, you will see:

The Delivery ID: This is from Deliveree

The External ID: Where AURA/Yumbi integration applies

Order Number: This will match the number sequence on the AURA POS. 

Next you will see if the order is “Unassigned”, “Undispatched”, “En Route”, “Delivered” or a Problem order. 


Below are a few examples of what you will see depending on the status of the delivery. 

You will also see the store details and the driver who took the order and if the order was part of a group, you will see the position it was in the trip. 

Delivery details will be shown on the left below that as well as if the order is “paid” or “not paid”: Managers can click the "Add Payment Method" to change this to Paid.


Delivery Times; actuals and estimates are on the bottom left. 

On the right, you will see the status time stamps. 

  • Placed= When the customer ordered
  • Assigned= when the driver /manager assigned the order
  • Dispatched= when the driver marked “Leave” in the app.
  • Geofence= when the driver arrived at the customer
  • Delivered= when the driver marked the order as delivered.

Below are the customer Details, their address, and G.P.S information as well as a view of how far they are from the store. 

"Assigned" = An order that was assigned to a driver.

To assign an order, click on the block next to the order number on the left.


You will then see your list of drivers who are logged in. 

“At store” means they are available for you to assign a new order to them. 

Click the driver's name and the order will assign. 

The order will show in the “Assigned” tab.

Here you will notice a new abbreviation; MSA (Minutes since assigned).

"En Route"= The driver has left the store and is on the way to the customer.

When the driver selects “Leave” on the Deliveree Driver App, the status will change to “en-route”.


Here you will notice the abbreviation ETA (Estimated time of arrival).

"Delivered" = The Driver has marked the order as delivered.


Here you will see DBD (Delivered before due)

You will also see DBE (Delivered before ETA)

"Problem"= Any orders that have not been delivered – such as being unable to locate a customer, or a hoax order will appear in the Problems tab. 






For any further training on using the Delivery Admin portal, please email

Attached is the user guide for these steps. Please think of the planet before printing. 

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